Strengths Shared Resources

Click on the links below for shared peer-to-peer resources about strengths.

Finding a Good Fit in Ministry

Gold Boxes Affirmation Exercise

Guiding Parishioner Strengths

Talents in Christian Discipleship  Seminar One   Seminar Two: Facilitator  Seminar Two: Participant

Having Faith Confirmation small group process

Holding Up the Mirror Activity

Strengths-Based Talent Development for Ministry Settings: Planning Process

CSEC Prayer Card

Promoting Strengths Opportunities:

Living Your Strengths Sample Announcement

Let's Go Fishin-Living Your Strengths

Looking for more CSEC member shared resources about strengths?  The CSEC Facebook page is a great place to locate shared files that have been uploaded and posted by CSEC members.   

Looking for Gallup Strengths Resources?