CSEC Member Digital Map

The purpose of the CSEC Member Digital Map is to assist CSEC members to better connect and network with each other.

The map pins indicate faith communities (parishes, congregations, dioceses, campus ministries, etc.) who have historically used and/or currently use strengths and engagement philosophy and tools:

  • Red pins indicate communities who are currently and actively using strengths and/or engagement philosophy and tools.

  • Blue pins indicate communities for which CSEC does not have current information.

Click on a pin to get contact information for each respective faith community.

Updating the Map

If you would like to include and/or update your faith community's information, please Contact CSEC with your information, such as:

  • Your Faith Community’s:

    • Name

    • Website Address

    • Phone Number

    • Street Address

    • Contact Person Name (if applicable)

  • Ways in which your faith community is using strengths and/or engagement

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