CSEC Member Digital Map

The purpose of the CSEC Member Digital Map is to assist CSEC members to connect and network with each other.  The CSEC Map contains different colored map markers to indicate faith communities and strengths coaches. Simply click on a map marker to learn more about CSEC members in your region.  


The red and blue map markers on the CSEC Map indicate faith communities (parishes, congregations, dioceses, campus ministries, etc.) who have historically used and/or currently use strengths and engagement philosophy and tools:

  • Red markers indicate communities who are currently and actively using strengths and/or engagement philosophy and tools.

  • Blue markers indicate communities for which CSEC does not have current information.


The green map markers indicate CSEC members who have communicated to CSEC that they are strengths coaches and have attended one or more formal Gallup, Inc. coach training(s), such as Faith Strength Advisor Training, Accelerated Coaches Training, and/or Successful Coaches Training.

Some of the coaches on the CSEC Map may also have Gallup certification. If you would like to verify Gallup certification, please go to the Gallup Coaches Directory or ask the respective coach to verify her/his certification.

Disclaimer: CSEC does not endorse coaches nor validate that the coaches indicated on the CSEC Map have received Gallup training.



Would you like to update the CSEC Map with your information?

Faith Communities: If you would like to include and/or update your faith community's information on the CSEC Map, please Contact CSEC with your information, such as:

  • Your Faith Community’s:

    • Name

    • Website Address

    • Phone Number

    • Street Address

    • Contact Person Name (if applicable)

    • Email Address

  • A summary of how your faith community is using strengths and/or engagement

Strengths Coaches: If you have attended at least one formal Gallup, Inc. strengths coach training (E.g., Faith Practice, Accelerated Coaches Training, Successful Coaches Training) and would like to be included on the CSEC Map, please Contact CSEC with your information, such as:

  • Your Name

  • Website Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Summary of your:

    • Gallup training

    • Experience

    • Context(s) in which you coach and/or facilitate strengths sessions

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