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of knowing and using talents and strengths


The first step for engaging in strengths-based talent development is to learn about CliftonStrengths® philosophy and terminology. The first section below — Introduction to CliftonStrengths® — holds links to CSEC web pages which will help you to learn about strengths philosophy and terminology.

The second step in strengths development is to engage in strengths exercises to help you discover your God-given talents, see how your talents are already working in your life, be intentional about developing your talents into strengths, and use your strengths in all aspects of your life. The second section below — Strengths Labs — hold links to CSEC web pages which will help you to engage in strengths development exercises.

In order to maximize your experience learning about strengths philosophy and engaging in strengths exercises offered in the CSEC website, we encourage you to engage in the material in the order in which the CSEC web pages are presented below.


Gallup Resource Links

A list of helpful Gallup resource links, including the links found in the Strengths-How content above.

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