How does the CliftonStrengths® Assessment work?

Gallup, Inc. has identified 34 Talent Themes (categories of talent).

CliftonStrengths® (StrengthsFinder®) is an online survey-style assessment that reveals the unique order of a person’s talent themes and identifies areas in which a person has the greatest potential for building strengths.

When a person knows their most dominant talent themes, they have a starting point in which to name their unique talents within their dominant themes. In addition, each person’s dominant talents influence one another; therefore, understanding the order of a person’s talent themes gives an even clearer lens in which to understand a person’s unique talents.

How unique is each person through the lens of the CliftonStrengths® Themes? Consider the following probabilities:

Chances of meeting someone with the same Top 5 as you, in any order:
Less than 1 in 275,000!

Chances of meeting someone with the same Top 5 as you, in the same order
Only 1 in 33,000,000!!


While the CliftonStrengths® assessment measures the order of all 34 talent themes for each person, your assessment report will depend on your choice of purchasing either your ‘Top 5’ themes only – also called your ‘Signature Themes of Talent’ - or your ‘Full Sequence’ of all 34 themes.

The Top 5 are our most dominant talent themes. People new to CliftonStrengths® often begin with their Top 5 Signature Themes, and after reflection, learning and application, later acquire their full 34 theme report.

The CliftonStrengths® assessment takes about 45 minutes. You will be allowed 20 seconds to respond to each question. The intent of this time limit is to elicit top-of-the-mind responses, which research shows as producing the most accurate results.

Upon completion of the CliftonStrengths® assessment, your results are available immediately and you will receive reports and tools, such as:

  • Signature Themes Report
    This report lists your Top 5 talent themes and their respective general descriptions, in order of relative dominance.

  • Strengths Insight Guide
    This guide offers a customized, in-depth analysis of your Top 5 talent themes. The guide, which is unique to your specific combination of talents, describes who you are in astonishing detail and provides you with a starting point for understanding your unique talents and what makes you stand out.

  • Action-Planning Tool
    Use this tool to create a customized action plan that you can consult regularly to help you capitalize on your talent themes and develop them into strengths.

For those purchasing their full 34 themes, additional reports and tools are also provided.

We trust you will find these tools invaluable as you begin your journey to discover your and others’ God-given talents and understanding the nuances of what makes each of us unique.

To learn more about how CliftonStrengths® Philosophy works, click on this video link: Discover Your Strengths (Run time: 1 min, 47 sec.)