As you become more aware of your talent themes and how to build on those to make it a strength (refer to the 'Self-Development - Beginner' and 'Self-Development - Intermediate' within this web tab), we are now moving into the more advanced stages of strengths-based development. 


What exactly is 'strengths-based development'?  It is simply a process that leads to an individual’s ability to consistently perform a specific task at a nearly perfect level.


As you learned earlier (refer to 'Strengths Start' web tab), a strength the result of adding skill and knowledge to our natural talents.  Skills are one’s basic abilities to perform the steps of specific tasks, such as the ability to operate a computer.  Since skills do not naturally exist within us, they must be acquired through training and practice.  Knowledge is defined as what you know.  It includes facts and understanding, gained through experience, that can be productively applied to specific tasks.  Like skills, knowledge does not naturally exist within us and therefore must be acquired.


Talents on the other hand are recurring patterns of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied to specific tasks (i.e., inner drive to compete, sensitivity to needs of others, tendency to be outgoing at social gatherings, etc.).  These talents cannot be acquired, but they naturally exist within us.  And because those talents represent the best of our natural selves, they are the crucial component of strengths and offer our best opportunity to perform at levels of excellence.  Identification of talent themes (your Top 5) is critical to 'strengths-based development'.  Studies have shown that strengths-based development leads to greater awareness of self and of others - and increases self-confidence, direction, hope, and generosity. 


As you move into these 'advanced' stages of the Strengths Lab, we trust that you will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of God's unique gifts in yourself and in others.  This deeper understanding helps us to fulfill God's greatest commandment:


Begin your Strengths journey now by clicking the link below. Once you connect to the Gallup site, you will have the option to purchase your "Top 5 CliftonStrengths® Themes" or "All 34 CliftonStrengths® Themes." 




To learn more about your newly discovered talent themes, click on the video below entitlted:


A Road Map to a more Successful Life (Run time: 1 min, 22 sec.)

How to Read Your Top 5 (or all 34) Report (Run time: 2 min, 57 sec.)