The resources listed below are primarily for those who use strengths in a leadership and/or team setting, as opposed to an individual setting. Although these resources are integrated throughout the website, we have provided this 'Resource Tab' to give you easy access in one location.



Gallup Books

  • Growing an Engaged Church

  • Strengths-Based Leadership

  • The Manager

  • Expanding Your Strengths

Miscellaneous Resources

Theme Insight Cards
The CliftonStrengths® Theme Insights Cards will assist you in helping others begin to invest in the development of their talents.

CliftonStrengths® Resource Guide
This guide can help you expand your knowledge and application of each talent. The Clifton CliftonStrengths® Resource Guide contains the following information: • full theme definitions • suggested actions people can take to best use their talents in each theme • tips for managing people based on their Signature Themes • conversations starters

Coaching Resources

Gallup Coaching Resources
If you are looking to become a strengths coach or certified strengths coach through Gallup, these resources can help guide you through the various levels of coaching offered by Gallup.

Managing for Engagement Resources

Leading High Performance Team Kit (Previous Title: Managing for Engagement Kit)

The Leading High Performance Team Kit offers a comprehensive set of guides, booklets, and tools that teach leaders how to focus on engagement to improve performance outcomes.

ME 25 Parish Survey

The ME25 Member Engagement Survey is a tool to help church leaders measure, manage, and maximize the engagement of each member of the faith community. It helps leaders learn the difference between engaged communities and those that are just 'going through the motions.' After measuring engagement, leaders can strategically build engagement – creating positive impact inside and outside the faith community.

Q12 Employee Survey

Gallup’s employee engagement solution offers the most effective ways to listen to your staff, learn how to be a better performing manager, and lead a culture of engagement. Use the entire solution to maximize your church’s true engagement potential.